Does Free Bird Pierce?

Free Bird Tattoo Studio does not offer piercing, but we do carry a selection of body jewelry for most common piercings! Stop by and check them out!


How old do I have to be to be tattooed at Free Bird?

While the state of New Jersey allows minors to be tattooed at age 16 with certain documentation and parental consent, Free Bird has opted not to tattoo minors. We are happy to discuss potential tattoo plans and projects with minors as they approach their 18th birthday!


Can I bring the kids?

Free Bird is an adult environment, and doesn’t have much by way of entertainment for young visitors, and houses lots of breakable and delicate items! Because we like to keep a safe, clean and distraction-free environment, we ask that guests leave children under 18 at home!


How should I prepare for my tattoo appointment?

*Get a good night’s sleep!

*Eat a good meal!

*Do not arrive intoxicated- we will not tattoo you!

*Take into account your artist’s hourly rate and the duration of your sit ($)!

*Wear the right clothes! What do we mean? Firstly, wear clothing that makes the area you are about to tattoo accessible: bring/wear shorts for a thigh tattoo, or wear a loose top if you’re tattooing the back of your shoulder! Secondly, wear clothing that will slip on comfortably after your tattoo! Think sweatpants, loose clothing, and clothes that won’t rub. Lastly, wear clothing that you wouldn’t mind getting a bit of ink on! We try to keep you clean, but ink spots happen!


How do I make an appointment?

If you know which artist you’d like to work with, contact them directly! Free Bird’s artists independently schedule all of their appointments. Each artist’s email is listed in their profile.

Arielle Seltzer has scheduled “booking days” that are announced periodically on social media. Her appointments are booked for the following 3 months on these booking days. Priority booking is given to existing projects, then in-person bookings, first-come, first-served, followed by email appointment requests.

If you’re unsure which artist to work with, you can peruse their portfolios and instagram accounts, or send a general inquiry through our contact page, and we can help connect you with the right artist for your project.


Does Free Bird allow animals?

Free Bird Tattoo can not permit animals inside our space apart from registered service animals, which must remain just outside the tattoo workspace and be accompanied by another person; these mandates are maintained by the New Jersey Department of Health!